La Dolce Vita … Photoshopped! Tuscany Region axes retouched images

Picture Tuscany; and images of natural beauty come to mind…  And now imagine Tuscany, only imagine it … well, improved. Tuscany is land of countless treasures and picturesque beauty… yet incredibly someone in Tuscany’s tourism promotion bureau had seen it ok to approve a new promotional campaign called “Divina Toscana” riffing on Dante’s admonishments and featuring […]

La Dolce Vita … minimum-waged! 2000 apply for 40 jobs at McItaly

One chance in 50. Those are the odds of getting hired at the new McDonalds, opening in Montecatini – a city located between Lucca and Florence, in Tuscany – for those that applied for a full-time position with the American fast food giant. It looks like the prospect of a job, any job, is a mouth-watering draw for […]

“La Dolce Vita” ….. rentable! We post the “Price List” for booking the Uffizi, or the Ponte Vecchio for Dinner, or Cocktails

Florence, under the rule of its Mayor, Matteo Renzi, has released the “Price List” for renting the city’s historic treasures – for cultural events, Theater plays… and for Cocktail Parties – so reports the “Fatto Quotidiano” daily. Here is the “Tariffario per la concessione in uso dei beni culturali per eventi” – what it’ll cost you […]

La Dolce Vita: … Evicted! The Enoteca Marcucci, one of Pietrasanta’s most well-known restaurants, vip hangouts, and temple to good wine is evicted by the “Bishops of the Church of … @#$% Pisa”

Pietrasanta is close to losing the “Enoteca Marcucci,” one of the city’s more distinctive hangouts. The Archdiosis of Pisa has prevailed in a legal battle against Michele Marcucci, the owner of the beloved Enoteca. It looks like the fabled bistro will either have to close, putting its staff of nearly 20 out of work – […]

La Dolce Vita … Outed! “Monti is a Mason and the super-rich can go to hell.” Nichi Vendola rails against SuperMario’s austerity cuts imposed on Italy’s weakest as “design of the master race.”

Nichi Vendola, an Italian left-wing politician – and LGBT activist – has come out swinging against the austerity measures imposed by the technocratic (read “un-elected”) government of ex-Premier Mario Monti in an interview with Italian TV. The piece, which came out today, is part political hit, part high-art. Nichi Vendola (read the wikipedia article on […]

La Dolce Vita: Revved up, Italy’s Lambretta celebrated in 1970 calendar art

Lambretta was a line of motor scooters produced in Italy by Innocenti – based on a WWII Cushman scooter – its design was licensed the world over. It was an immediate success… the blending of art, design and the need for cheap transportation – it became the symbol for freewheeling fun “Made in Italy” for […]

La Dolce Vita: Reissued – Giorgio Moroder posts rarities and remixes on Soundcloud

Disco godfather Giorgio Moroder reissues rarities and oldies on his Soundcloud page. His carrer spans decades and included stints with Donna Summer, Blondie, and Sparks. We post “Mah-Na-Mah-Na” from 1969 – it was composed for the italian mondo movie “Svezia, Inferno e Paradiso.” SPIN magazine discusses Moroder’s Disco deluge: Giorgio Moroder is nothing if not […]

La Dolce Vita: Re-searched! Google … the ‘Cultural Institute’ – and the Istituto Luce – bring you Italy’s storied “Years of Dolce Vita” with photos, facts, short films and famous fun

Google sets forth an ambitious project – as a Cultural Institute – documenting people and events of the last century – and celebrates Italy’s “Dolce Vita,” the years between 1954 to 1965, in conjunction with the Istituto Luce. Italy experienced an economic boom after the Second World War that shook it to its very soul, […]

La Dolce Vita: Live Webcam in Pietrasanta’s Main Piazza

webcam pietrasanta piazza del duomo

THIS is a link to a page that updates the image on the Piazza del Duomo … every couple of seconds. Not as good as the live streaming webcam that worked previously… but close. THE USER NAME IS: guest THE PASSWORD IS: pietrasanta Here is a webcam trained on the Piazza del Duomo, the heart […]

“Rock Stars” exhibition at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A. features works by American students who worked with the latest robotic technology, … in Garfagnana

20 sculptures produced as part of this year’s “Digital Stone Project” go on view at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A., the city’s virtual art and architecture museum. “Rock Stars” is the name of the show, and it features the work of the American students: James Carl, Matthew Cornelius, Kathryn Cook, Miles Driscoll, Lauren Ewing, Jon Isherwood, Evan Waldo […]

New Pompeii collapses prompt calls for Culture Minister’s resignation

Structures at Pompeii continue to fall down in piles of rubble while politicians continue to establish new rules and newer initiatives for the site’s restoration. The weather has been blamed for the collapse, last week, of wall at a shop on Via Stabiana and plaster in the House of the Small Fountain. Massimo Bray, Italy’s […]

The Villa where Ovid sang his verses is found under a field near Rome

“The Death of Procris” (c. 1500) By Piero di Cosimo, based on one of Ovid’s tales. Oil on panel, probably meant as a decoration in a renaissance Palace in Florence. An “extraordinary” discovery was made during the real-estate development of a field near Rome, according to La Repubblica newspaper… Valerio Messalla Corvino’s Villa – rather its […]

“Keep Calm and … Learn Italian” while making art in Pietrasanta

Have you, dear reader, ever felt awkward when trying to communicate while in Italy? Italians are generally very good at understanding foreigners, and making themselves understood – this is the country where hand-gestures count as much as words, after all … buuut, if you think you might benefit from knowing the basics, or perfecting your […]

“Aperitivo con l’Artista” features the Peruvian Sculptor Melitón E. Rivera, and the art critic Costantino Paolicchi, tonight at the Chiostro in Pietrasanta

Another “Aperitivo con l’Artista” takes place in the cool shade of the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, tonight at 7:30pm. The Peruvian sculptor Melitón Rivera, meets the art critic Costantino Paolicchi. The subject is art, sculpture and “la dolce vita” … the aperitivo is offered by Serendipity. Melitón has worked in the area for over thirty years, […]

“Art is Life!” ______________ a list of our top posts from yesterday

We post a post about posts, our top posts for yesterday, to be precise, … a meta-post of posts recently read, of sorts. The list gives you – and us – an idea what folks are reading ’round these parts. We invite you dear reader to tell us your thoughts regarding this here blog, to […]

Google Street View does the canals of Venice, “The City of Water”

The tech giant behind the popular search engine – and much of the advertising on webpages such as youtube, unveils a new project as part of their so-called “Street-view treks:” … a canal-by-canal tour of Venice Italy. All 117 islands, 409 bridges, and “The City of Water’s” 150 canals were captured by the Google cameras […]

John Singer Sargent’s watercolors of the Marble Quarries in Carrara

The path to lunch has led many a great artists to the Apuan Alps and the marble quarries of Carrara – from the Ancient Romans to Michelangelo, and from Henry Moore, in the 60s to those master sculptors working in stone, today, in Carrara and Pietrasanta. A Path To Lunch – an interesting blog about living […]

>> UPDATE: The Costa Concordia Recovery ____________ The overnight LIVE VIDEO FEED on the Guardian site

The Costa Concordia Recovery continues – with hours of delay – into the night. We link to a LIVE VIDEO STREAM on the Guardian site. Previously on Art is Life: The Costa Concordia Recovery ____________ Watch the LIVE VIDEO FEED on this RT channel La Dolce Vita: Capsized! – Thomas Hirschhorn’s helter-skelter “Concordia, Concordia” upsets […]

“Angry Italians” … the Android game-app, where (politicians’) heads roll

Echoing the Italian people’s rage, readable daily, on the front pages of the local dailies, the new game-app “Angry Italians” pits opposition-comic-turned-politician Beppe Grillo against the whole lot of Italian politicos. Ok, so the game, designed by Fabio Pallini, is a shameless rip-off of “Angry Birds” (and apparently not a very compelling one, at that) […]

Pietrasanta is called “Italy’s Little Athens” because of its artistic and cultural life, and for the artists and artisans who work in its sculpture studios and its bronze foundries

Chances are that if you see a monumental sculpture on a Piazza or square – anywhere in the world – that it was made in Pietrasanta. Artists have come to Pietrasanta, for decades, and have worked with the artisans in the studios and foundries to produce their works in marble and bronze. The charming medieval […]

A shout of anger – “impotente ma vigoroso.” (!?) A show of cartoons and sculptures by Mauro Biani in Forte dei Marmi … “satire to help us cope and stay human”

They say that laughter is therapeutic – if that’s so, then Mauro Biani, Italian cartoonist and satirist is a “doctor in deed,” as Italy’s economic … “issues” loom dark over the national mood, and the technocratic government of Mr Monti tries to prevent the collapse of Italy’s financial markets… the question on everyone’s lips on […]