“Fragili Bellezze S.O.S. Terra. Aria. Vita. Emergenze 2014” ____________ 26 artists look at nature’s transparency, surface, color and form ____________ Pietrasanta Arte, 2014

“Fragili Bellezze S.O.S. Terra. Aria. Vita.Emergenze 2014,” is a group show by 26 artists at Palazzo Panichi in Pietrasanta, on the theme of our place within a fragile environment. The show features work by the ASART art association of Pietrasanta, and it is produced by the Assessorato alla Cultura of Pietrasanta. The opening is tonight, Saturday, […]

“Keep Calm and … Learn Italian” while making art in Pietrasanta

Have you, dear reader, ever felt awkward when trying to communicate while in Italy? Italians are generally very good at understanding foreigners, and making themselves understood – this is the country where hand-gestures count as much as words, after all … buuut, if you think you might benefit from knowing the basics, or perfecting your […]

“Franco Miozzo, La Potenza e il Mistero dell’Arte” ____________ Pietrasanta Arte, 2014

Over 100 paintings and drawings, spanning figuration and abstraction, twenty sculptures in various materials – and 85 drawings, most of them never-before exhibited – make up “Franco Miozzo, La Potenza e il Mistero dell’Arte,” (Franco Miozzo, the Power and Mystery of Art) the biggest retrospective dedicated to the work of the Italian artist (1917 – 1996) […]

Pietrasanta is looking for a Director of its “Musei Civici”

The city of Pietrasanta – known as “Italy’s Little Athens” for its artistic life, and marble and bronze laboratories – is looking for a “Direttore dei Musei Civici.” Domenico Lombardi, the city’s Mayor explains: “It’s a necessary figure, which makes up one of the minimum regional and national requirements for the city’s museum structure. And […]

Park Eun Sun, Pietrasanta based Korean sculptor exhibits “Innesti e Connessioni” in Rome

Park Eun Sun, one of Korea’s most famous artists – and a sculptor who has lived and worked in Pietrasanta for decades – exhibits “Innesti e Connessioni” (Inserts and Connections.) a major one-person exhibition at the Mercati di Traiano, at the Museo dei Fori Imperiali, in Rome. The exhibition, curated by Gabriele Simonini, features 13 monumental works by Sun; […]

Pietrasanta Scultura, 2014 ____________ London’s Royal British Society of Sculptors continues its Artists in Residence Program for British sculptors in Pietrasanta

The artistic partnership between Pietrasanta and the Royal British Society of Sculptors continues; the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust and the Royal British Society organize an Artist in Residency Program at Studio Sem, and at the Fonderia Mariani, two of the city’s oldest and most respected art laboratories. After having been chosen the candidates receive a scholarship for a […]

Get free guided tours to Pietrasanta’s Museo dei Bozzetti – the City of Art’s museum of artists’ models, this weekend, as part of the “Giornate Europee del Patrimonio”

Pietrasanta’s Museo dei Bozetti, a unique collection of artists’ plaster (and clay, and wood) models will join the “Giornate Europee del Patrimonio, 2014” – which means you get to discover one of the most unique little museums in the world, with guided tours offered by volunteer docents. The Museo dei Bozzetti features over 650 artists’ […]

Ebi de Boer, Pietrasanta based sculptor, explores “Res Mira” in an exhibition of poetry and sculpture, in Emden, Germany

Ebi de Boer, exhibits works in marble, wood and bronze in her hometown of Emden, in Ostfriesland, in Northern Germany. The exhibition, at the town’s old mill, the Johanna Mühle, is titled “Res Mira” after the variable star first discovered by Frisian astronomer Fabricius in 1592. The show features sculptures, installations, prints … and poetry. Ebi de Boer’s work is […]

Joseph Sheppard’s “The Horrors of War” ______________ Pietrasanta Art, 2014

There are a few days left yo visit Joseph Sheppard’s haunting “The Horrors of War” exhibition in Pietrasanta. The exhibition, features paintings and drawings; it traces some of the most (in)famous massacres of WW II. It is a sad ode to human cruelty. Visit the artist’s website, linked here. Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti page devoted to […]

Girolamo Ciulla, Pietrasanta based sculptor, exhibits “Demetra” in Carrara

Girolamo Ciulla, Sicilian sculptor who has lived and worked in Pietrasanta for decades exhibits “Demetra” at the Palazzo del Medico, in Carrara. Girolamo Ciulla’s work dwells in the space between myth and history; his sculptures are of goddesses, temples and menageries of mythical animals. He works in Travertine, which he prefers to Carrara marble because […]

“A dark optimism. L’inquieto sguardo di David Lynch” exhibition featuring Lynch’s lithographs and photographs opens in Pietrasanta tonight

“A dark optimism. L’inquieto sguardo di David Lynch (The anxious gaze of David Lynch)” is the title of an exhibition of photographs and lithographs by the American filmmaker David Lynch. The show opens tonight at Palazzo Panichi, in Pietrasanta. “Women and machines” is a photographic series the filmmaker produced in 2013, at the Studio Idem. He […]

The special preview of “Leonardo 1450 – 1519 il disegno del mondo,” Italy’s biggest Leonardo exhibition happens TONIGHT in Pietrasanta

Pietro C. Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio, the curators of “Leonardo 1450 – 1519 il disegno del mondo” exhibition, which will take place at next year’s Milan Expo (15th of April – 19th of July, 2015) will host a special preview showing of Leonardo’s drawings at the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta, tonight, the 21st of August, at […]

“The Destinies of the Earth” an evening of poems by Giuseppe Cordoni, with paintings by Mariano Domenici, at Intrecciarte gallery in Pietrasanta

This Wednesday, the 13th of August at 9:30pm, Intrecciarte, the cultural association, presents another evening of art, music and poetry. “I Destini della Terra” is the title of the evening’s proceedings, and it features poetry by the noted art critic Giuseppe Cordoni, paintings by Mariano Domenici, an exponent of Arte Povera in versilia, and original […]

“3 x 3” = three unique visions of “the real.” Chiara Dynys, Sergio Lombardo and Michelangelo Pistoletto at Eduardo Secci Contemporary, in Pietrasanta. The opening is tonight

Three artists whose explorations in “the real” have yielded very different results show in “3 x 3” at the Eduardo Secci Contemporary gallery in Pietrasanta. Chiara Dynys has focused her research on the cognitive processes of environment, work and spectator. Dynys show works from her “Duale” series, reduplicated visions of object/subject, work/spectator – works seen […]

The Museo dei Bozzetti in Pietrasanta: a photo essay by William Mercer McLeod

The Museo dei Bozzetti in Pietrasanta is a truly unique museum. Its curatorial ethic is unlike that of other museums; the MdB showcases the models – most often plaster models – for works by some of the great sculptors working in the last 60 years in Pietrasanta. These models are an intermediary step in the […]

Julia Vance, Pietrasanta based sculptor’s “Me/We” sculptures stranded at Customs because they’re not recognized as … sculptures

Three of Julia Vance’s “Me/We” sculptures are stuck at Norwegian Customs because the Customs officials cannot recognize them as being sculptures. The Pietrasanta-based Norwegian sculptor has made Pietrasanta the home of her creative endeavors, she recently had a show in her hometown of Oslo. The sculptures in questions were exhibited in Pietrasanta, this year as part of the […]

Art in the Tropic of Michelangelo ____________ Pietrasanta Sculpture 2014

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo, Pietrasanta hosts a series of exhibitions and events to celebrate the Renaissance Master and his ties to Pietrasanta, and the marble quarries. The month-long program titled “450 Michelangelo Mindcraft” is slated to take over the city’s main Piazza and its major exhibition spaces. […]

Antonio Nunziante exhibits an “Anthology of Painting” at the Palazzo Panichi, in Pietrasanta

Figures, interior scenes, still lives, and architectural spaces make up Antonio Nunziante’s “Antologia della Pittura” his one-person exhibition at the Palazzo Panichi, in Pietrasanta. The exhibition takes into account how paintings are born… and so preparatory drawings, photographs – and objects – are exhibited alongside the paintings. The viewer gets a behind-the-scenes- peek at the artist’s […]

“Aperitivo con l’Artista” features the Italian Sculptor Emanuele Giannelli, and the art critic Enrico Mattei, tonight at the Chiostro in Pietrasanta

It’s Friday, and time for another “Aperitivo con l’Artista” – a chance to meet and listen to an artist talk about his journey – in the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta. This evening at sunset Emanuele Giannelli discusses his approach to art. The art critic Enrico Mattei will moderate. Giannelli studied in Rome, and got his […]

Photographer Luca Palatresi exhibits his “Darkness” at La Bottega, in Marina di Pietrasanta

Photographer Luca Palatresi exhibits a series of images of figures emerging from obscurity and the shadows, in “Darkness” at La Bottega, in Marina di Pietrasanta. The exhibition, curated by Serena del Soldato, is the photographer’s examination of the new forms and volumes that emerge out of darkness; it’s a study of light, or rather of its absence. The photographer […]

“Aperitivo con l’Artista” features the Peruvian Sculptor Melitón E. Rivera, and the art critic Costantino Paolicchi, tonight at the Chiostro in Pietrasanta

Another “Aperitivo con l’Artista” takes place in the cool shade of the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, tonight at 7:30pm. The Peruvian sculptor Melitón Rivera, meets the art critic Costantino Paolicchi. The subject is art, sculpture and “la dolce vita” … the aperitivo is offered by Serendipity. Melitón has worked in the area for over thirty years, […]