Sculpture Shock: “Veni, Vidi, WC” a toilet punks Carrara Marble Weeks, 2014

A mysterious artwork appeared last Saturday in Piazza del Duomo, in Carrara. Installed in a circle of marble pebbles, like the official “Three Vases” sculpture by J Landi, which graces the city’s main square as part of Carrara Marble Weeks, 2014. The toilet was placed, by hands unknown, at 3pm, Friday, and lasted 12 hours, before […]

“Sculpture Shock” Qatar benches Zidane’s Headbutt

The statue in the Piazza continues to cause dismay – if not really shock. We write again about Adel Abdessemed’s Headbutt statue – this time because the controversial 5-meter tall bronze ode to defeat has been removed from its waterfront location in Doha. Prior to its collocation in Qatar the statue was on display in Pietrasanta […]

Sculpture Shock – Katharina Fritsch’s Blue “Hahn/Cock” Gauls the British

We won’t say that Katharina Fritsch’s monumental Blue Cock …er, Rooster – selected for the fourth plinth, in Trafalgar Square, (next to the bronze statue commemorating Nelson’s victory over the French) is outrageously insolent, nor is it a galling effrontery, … but it does come close. We’re fascinated with the enduring power of the Statue in […]

“Sculpture Shock” Claudio Capotondi, Pietrasanta master sculptor’s work is copied in China, highlighting the difficult issues involving intellectual property and copyright

The Art Nespaper reports on a story unfolding on “the ineffective laws that protect artists’ work from being copied in China” At issue today is “Sferosnodo” a work by Pietrasanta master sculptor Claudio Capotondi – a monumental bronze copy is on display in front of the train station of the city of Kunshan, China. Capotondi’s original […]

“Sculpture Shock” Michelangelo’s David is too naked for Shimane Prefecture

A 5-meter-tall replica of Michelangelo’s David is drawing the ire of local residents – some of whom demand drawers to help “preserve the modesty” of the chiseled youth. The David, along with a replica of The Venus de Milo, were donated to the city of Okuizumo by a local businessman. They’ve been placed in a […]

The Shock of the Hewn – Turkey’s “Freak” ‘Humanity’ statue is demolished… may find a home in Berlin

The statue in the Piazza continues to provoke. During a visit to this Piazza, near the Turkish-Armenian border, the Turkish prime minister, called Mehmet Aksoy‘s “Humanity” sculpture a “freak”… a “monstrosity” …  a mere months later, cranes and other heavy machinery have demolished the nearly 100-foot-tall … controversial symbol of Turkish-Armenian friendship. The statue, – two halves of one […]

A shout of anger – “impotente ma vigoroso.” (!?) A show of cartoons and sculptures by Mauro Biani in Forte dei Marmi … “satire to help us cope and stay human”

They say that laughter is therapeutic – if that’s so, then Mauro Biani, Italian cartoonist and satirist is a “doctor in deed,” as Italy’s economic … “issues” loom dark over the national mood, and the technocratic government of Mr Monti tries to prevent the collapse of Italy’s financial markets… the question on everyone’s lips on […]

The art of war … rages on. The Mayor of Forte dei Marmi “revisits” his choice of sculptures for the Piazza. The likeness of Bruno Mussolini, son of ‘il Duce’ will NOT be unveiled after a firestorm of controversy … (oh why?) erupts over its “pedigree” and its meaning today

Art continues to provoke – and the ‘Statue in the Piazza’ – the sculpture on display in the heart of the city’s public space – retains its power to shock the people and galvanize their passions. And in some Piazzas that art is … more provocative, and controversial than in other Piazzas. Like in this […]

Reverse-engineering the wounds of history. A controversial restoration aims to make whole again… and bring to life Canova’s sculpture of “The Dancer”… and the verdict on the whole affair is still FAR from in!

“The Dancer” gets her arms back! (… and that’s a sentence worthy of two exclamation points, not one! …!!) Let us rephrase: one of Canova’s more exuberantly joyous plaster models in the Canova Museum is getting a face-lift… er, a make-over… well, more precisely, it is getting “restored,” with the help from a bit of […]

“A Masterpiece on your Dinner Table” – Publicity for Prosciutto Toscano hams it up… but is it really “a perfect balance of taste?”

Micheangelo’s David gets regularly recruited to peddle stuff… from last year’s controversial ad featuring David sporting an assault rifle, all the way back to 1970, when he was used by Young & Rubicam to sell jeans. It’s now the turn of Prosciutto Toscano, DOP, a consortium of prosciutto makers in Tuscany (the more famous “Prosciutto di Parma” is […]

“Nude Offending a Staircase” ____________ Nudity still manages to provoke, make the (art)news; … we state flatly that this post is NOT a provocation!

It’s 2014, more than a century and a half since Courbet painted his “Origine du Monde” and all the while, because of its Puritan roots, the nude has consistently been a controversial subject in the States. Lord Kenneth Clark, in his 1956 “The Nude: a Study in Ideal Form” makes the often quoted distinction between the naked body […]

Michelangelo’s David – carved out of a solid block of dark chocolate

The plexiglass cage around the chocolate sculpture of Michelangelo’s David, at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory in Australia, says it all. Previously on Art is Life: Aurelio Amendola’s photographs shed dramatic new light on Michelangelo Michelangelo’s David … by Feldmann and other modernist artworks visit Florence’s Accademia for “Arte torna arte” Michelangelo’s David: Tattooed – […]

Danger: Landslide! Stefano Pierotti’s new art provocation in Rome

Over the weekend several warning signs appeared in Rome warning of Italy’s imminent disintegration into ruin… all thanks to the PD Party – the center… well, center-center political party of Matteo Renzi. Stefano Pierotti, Pietrasanta-based artist already took to the street-signs with his “SC(ogli)HETTINO” sign taking a pot-shot at the Concordia disaster in the last months. […]

“Art is Life!” ______________ a list of our top posts from yesterday

We post a post about posts, our top posts for yesterday, to be precise, … a meta-post of posts recently read, of sorts. The list gives you – and us – an idea what folks are reading ’round these parts. We invite you dear reader to tell us your thoughts regarding this here blog, to […]

A “dedicated space” in Pietrasanta for artists’ provocations”

“An ad hoc space for artists’ provocations, which should be seen as a resource by the city and not a catalyst for conflict;” these the words of Stefano Pierotti, Italian artist not a stranger to controversy himself. The artist’s work, pictured above is a not-so-gentle skewering of Francesco Schettino, Captain of the ill-fated Costa Concordia. […]

New Pompeii collapses prompt calls for Culture Minister’s resignation

Structures at Pompeii continue to fall down in piles of rubble while politicians continue to establish new rules and newer initiatives for the site’s restoration. The weather has been blamed for the collapse, last week, of wall at a shop on Via Stabiana and plaster in the House of the Small Fountain. Massimo Bray, Italy’s […]

The HEADBUTT that keeps on giving – artist claims it was Zidane himself who pressured Qatar to remove his controversial 5-meter bronze ode to defeat

Talk of Qatar’s removal of Adel Abdessemed’s Headbutt sculpture because of religious concerns seems to have been premature and possibly “off-base” all along. We jumped in and reported on the supposedly fundamentalist reasons given for removing the statue from its seaside spot in Doha, by the state of Qatar… but apparently its an altogether different reason – […]

Michelangelo’s David – Tattooed ____________ Carrara Marble Weeks, 2013

The icon of Carrara Marble Weeks, 2013 – the sideways David, on display in the city center – got tattooed over the weekend. The performance was the brainchild of Luciano Massari, noted Carrara-based sculptor. The 1:1 scale resin-cast copy of Michelangelo’s masterpiece, a special project of the Studi d’Arte Cave Michelangelo Studios, was completely covered in […]

“The Divine Michelangelo” exhibition tours Taipei with reproductions of the master’s works by Pietrasanta sculptor Massimo Galleni until the end of May

A little bit of Pietrasanta travels to the East – to Taipei – with a series of reproductions of the Renaissance master’s works. “Dying Slave” by the Pietrasanta sculptor Massimo Galleni is one of the highlights of “Il Divino Michelangelo,” an exhibition at the Nattional History Museum of Taiwan, which features paintings, sculptures – and poetry, by […]

Art Histories, February, 2014

Public sculpture Is A Waste of Time and Money?

Yes, objects are all around us all of the time. Why do we need to pay artists to create more?
No. Sculpture enhances our lives by poviding beauty and making us think about where we as humans fit into the scheme of things.