Pietrasanta’s “artigiani” are the heart and soul of the ‘City of Art.’ Learn more about their work, and what’s “Made in Pietrasanta,” in Enzo Cei’s photography book

An “artigiano” – one of the marble artisans – working in one of Pietrasanta’s many sculpture studios. The photo is from Enzo Cei’s photography book, “Made in Pietrasanta.” Pietrasanta, located on the northwest coast of Tuscany, is know as Italy’s “Little Athens” for its marble sculpture studios and bronze foundries. To see our posts on […]

“Made in Pietrasanta” Enzo Cei’s homage to the “artigiani” – and to the life and artistic traditions in the city’s art and sculpture workshops

Enzo Cei a photographer who’s known as the “quarry worker’s photographer” for his work documenting the life of the workers in the marble quarries of the Apuan Alps, devotes a whole book to all things made in Pietrasanta called, appropriately, “Made in Pietrasanta.”  Enzo Cei has been interested in the fabric of daily life, since […]

Pietrasanta’s “Homo Faber, 2014” the third edition, celebrates the close relationship of artist to artisan – with fifteen studios, 38 artists, 60 works ____________ Pietrasanta Sultura, 2014

The third edition of “Homo Faber,” Pietrasanta’s city-wide celebration of its “Artigiani” ,,, (the artisans,) and their intimate relationship with the International artists who live and produce their sculptures, mosaics, and inlay-work in “the City of Art.” It’s ostensibly part of the 450th celebration-year of Michelangelo’s death – but it’s a lot more than that; among […]

Frank Horvat, noted photographer stars in Seravezza Fotografia 2014

A retrospective by Frank Horvat, one of the greats of contemporary photographyis the main attraction at this year’s Seravezza Fotografia exhibition. The photography exhibition, curated by Ivo Balderi, is a sprawling show featuring conferences, workshops and collateral exhibitions. The retrospective features over 290 shots by the master photographer. There’s reportage, fashion photography, portraits and landscapes, […]

On the occasion of the 2013 “Alpi Apuane Montagne d’Acqua” photography contest prize “Le Vene dei Monti” will be screened and a debate will follow

The “Amici delle Alpi Apuane” group presents the 2013 prize for the “Alpi Apuane: Montagne d’Acqua” photography contest – and will show the documentary film “Le Vene dei Monti.” A debate “Apuane: NonSoloMarmo” (the Apuan Alps: not only marble) will follow. Speakers include: Franca Leverotti, Elia Pegollo, Angela Maria Fruzzetti, Nicola Cavazzuti, Andrea Ribolini, and Rosalba […]

“The Rooms of Heaven – tracing Michelangelo’s Footsteps,” Andrea Bartolucci exhibits photographs as part of Seravezza Fotografia 2013

Andrea Bertolucci photographs the fantastic and sublime “world of stone” of the marble quarries over Carrara … devoid of the presence of man. His exhibition, currently ongoing as part of Seravezza Fotografia 2013 traces the footsteps of Michelangelo concentrating on the geometric aspect of matter and light. The exhibition is titled “LE STANZE DEL CIELO – […]

Bart Herreman’s photographs of fantastic landscapes open “Seravezza Fotografia 2013”

The 2013 edition of Seravezza Fotografia started last week and promises to challenge the viewer with an emphasis on Surrealism … and social concerns. The Belgian photographer Bart Herreman showcases dreamlike compositions at the Palazzo Mediceo, while Andrea Bartolucci and Silvia Amodo delve into social issues at the Scuderie Granducali next door. The yearly photography […]

Sam Durant’s “Propaganda of the Deed” exhibition at the Centro Arti Plastiche in Carrara examines the Marble City’s Anarchist roots __________ DATABASE, 2nd Edition, 2013

“Propaganda of the Deed. I protagonisti dell’azione anarchica” is the title of Los Angeles-based artist Sam Durant’s one-person-exhibition opening this Saturday at the Plastic Arts Centre of Carrara. The show is produced by the City of Carrara and the Cultural Association Ars Gratia Artis, and is part of the ambitious DATABASE project which wraps up an […]