“Symbiopsychotaxiplasm” (William Greaves, 1968, Full Movie)

^ “Symbiopsychotaxiplasm is a 1968 experimental docu-drama film written, directed, and conceived by African-American film director and documentarian William Greaves. The film, which is shot and presented in the style of acinéma vérité documentary, attempts to capture and examine pure reality unhindered by the presence of the cameras all around. It is perhaps most memorable […]

Tom Wolfe on Modern Art

^ Previously on Art is Life: “The Mona Lisa Curse” (2008, Robert Hughes, Full Movie) … is now back up on youtube “The New Shock of The New” (2004, Robert Hughes, Full Movie) Robert Hughes: on the Business of Art… and on Hype … “isn’t it a miracle how much money and so little ability […]

“The Mirror” (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1975, Full Movie)

Watch Andrei Tarkovsky’s “The Mirror” – the full movie – on the Mosfilm Youtube channel, linked here. (we are prevented, by Mosfilm, from embedding the film directly in this blog…) Previously on Art is Life: “Andrei Rublev” Andrei Tarkovsy (1966 Full Movie) on Mosfilm’s youtube channel Music from the motion picture “Andrei Rublyov” A Message to […]