Random Pietrasanta Video

Video of Pietrasanta, City of Art

Random Pietrasanta Video. Here’s a short film – a promo for a documentary on marble and Pietrasanta by Federico Santini and Riccardo Bicicchi. Looks promising! We’ll keep you posted with more news as we hear it.

Modern Art & Pietrasanta – the Beginning

sem ghelardini

Sem Ghelardini is one of the key figures in the transformation of from being a producer of “Arte Sacra” to being one of the cities at the forefront of the production of Art and Sculpture in the world.

“Art is Life” (the blog): a “user’s manual”

As you may have noticed we’ve practically stopped blogging Art is Life – we may post something on the “why” in the coming days … in the meantime we catch up and post a few things we’ve had lying around… along with this Art is Life “how-to.” We’ve posted about art and cultural events happening “in-and-around” Pietrasanta for […]

Igor Mitoraj’s “Angeli” linger in Pisa until the 15th of January, 2015

A quick reminder – and an update: Igor Mitoraj, one of the more famous artists working in Pietrasanta sculpture passed away in October, yet his legacy continues to march on. His “Angeli” exhibition, featuring sculpture and paintings, wraps up the 15th of January… and no matter what you feel about the master’s work, it’s a show […]

The still lives of dead things: Nicola Gnesi’s “Carnage” exhibition at LABottega

20 still lives in a startling black and white make up Nicola Gnesi’s very personal “Carnage” exhibition at LABottega in Marina di Pietrasanta. The exhibition, curated by Serena Del Soldato, as part of “Autumn Issue, 2014”, is a distillation of what the photographer took with him from his walks through Chinatown in Ney York City. […]

“La bimba che aspetta” performance by Elisabetta Salvatori closes “Leggera Materia” exhibition at M.U.S.A., this Saturday and Sunday

This weekend at M.U.S.A., in Pietrasanta, Elisabetta Salvatori, local actress and author, will perform “La bimba che aspetta” (the little girl who waits), for two evenings of spoken word and music. The performances are slated for Saturday, the 20th of September, 2014 at 9:15pm and for Sunday, the 21st of September, 2014, at 6pm. To secure tickets see […]

“Pietre Sonore” Pinuccio Sciola and Elettroflebo play the Sound Stones

_ Pinuccio Sciola is an artist and teacher – he is famous for his “sound Stones” sculptures that when touched … make sounds. He is one of the participants in this year’s “The City and the Water” Workshop in Pietrasanta. Visit his website, linked here. Previously on Art is Life: “The City and the Water” […]

Tonight: “Watercolors,” an exhibition by Luca Gnizio, an evening to benefit the Fondazione Nuove Sorgenti, which seeks to make water more available in Africa

“Watercolors” is the title of an “eco-social” art exhibition, by Luca Gnizio, a Pietrasanta-based artist who works with recycled materials, and evening event to benefit the Fondazione Nuove Sorgenti, whose aim is to dig drinking-water wells in Africa. The evening is produced by Intrecciarte Art Gallery and the Spazio Elena Berton. Suzanna Stewart will speak. The cost […]

Waiting for the Art Weekend ____________ Events, workshops and exhibitions

There’s LOTS to do and see this weekend in Pietrasanta, and Carrara… September begins with a slew of things to do, … and discover.- from “The City and the Water” workshop events to “Il Fatto Quotidiano Festival” to Con_Vivere Carrara. We list some of the appointments for this weekend of Art: “The City and the […]

Six artists go by “Instinctum” at Simona Pesetti exhibition space, the opening reception is tonight

Painting and sculpture, are united in an ancestral dialogue. Simona Pesetti hosts “Instinctum,” a second group show with works by six contemporary artists, in the exhibition space located at her family-run marble laboratory. The artists are: Robin Bell, Alice Simi, Angelo Fiorentini, Libero Balderi, Anna Cirillo, and Federico Baratta. The opening reception is tonight, the 13th of August, 2014, at […]

Sant’Anna di Stazzema commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Nazi-Fascist massacre

On August 12th, 1944, Nazi Waffen-SS troops, aided by local Fascists, killed 560 civilians – 130 children – in the little village of Sant’Anna, in the hills above Pietrasanta in northern Tuscany, as part of their campaign against the Italian Resistance movement. The massacre is a dark moment in the already dark annals of the history […]

Press Play: ____________ “J. S. Bach – Concerto in C ‘Grosso Mogul’ BWV 594” ____________ Lorenzo Ghielmi will perform for the “Organo della Pace” Festival, in Sant’Anna, Sunday the 17th of August

µ Lorenzo Ghielmi is an Italian organist and harpsichordist. He teaches old music at the Accademia Internazionale della Musica in Milan and at the “Schola Cantorum Basiliensis” in Basel. The video above is from Lorenzo Ghielmi’s youtube channel. The Bach Concerto will most likely not be performed…  we post the piece to showcase Mr Ghielmi’s notable […]

Art and Design mingle at “Meravigliosi Marmi” – an exhibition featuring the work of 21 artists and studios, the opening is tonight!

For several years “Le Mani Eccellenze in Versilia,” organized bt CNA Lucca, has been the signature appointment of art and design events in the Versilia Region. It’s third edition, featuring the works of artists and designers, called “Meravigliosi marmi; Art & Design, immaginare, progettare e arredare” goes on view starting today, at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A.. On […]

The Marble Quarry Wars ____________ Local hiking club trail signage destroyed

Tensions are running high, as the conflict between the Quarries and the Environmentalists – and in turn their battle against the Tuscany Regional Government who recently passed an Environmental Plan which pleased neither side – intensifies. A local hiking club’s trail signage was destroyed recently in the valley of Arni, in the Province of Stazzema, […]

Photographer Fiorenzo Sernacchioli exhibits “The Non Sculpted Art,” evocative images of light, and the effect of the forces of nature on marble at M.U.S.A.

“Scolpire con la luce: l’arte non scolpita” (Sculpting with Light: Non-sculpted Art) is the title of Fiorenzo Sernacchioli’s series of photographs of marble, which go on exhibit at Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A., the City of Art’s “virtual art and architecture museum.” Alessandro Romanini, the Director of the Centro Arti Visive, states in a review of the photographer’s […]

The Quarry Controversy: Tuscany passes a compromise plan on the management of marble quarries within the Apuan Alps Natural Park – and no one is happy; scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday the 1st of July: a complete shutdown of the industry… and a “March on Florence”

After weeks of bitter back and forth between the two opposing factions – the confederation of industrial interests representing the quarries who have a century-long tradition of extracting the prized stone from the Apuan Alps, overlooking Carrara, and the coalition of environmental groups hoping to shut down ALL the quarries operating within the Natural Park of […]

“Il Volo della Fenice/Der Flug des Phoenix” painting exhibition pits Italy vs. Germany, and traces the deep and sometimes conflictual relationship between the two countries

It’s World Cup season… and Pietrasanta indulges the fevered frenzy of team vs. team… “Il Volo della Fenice” (the Flight of the Phoenix) exhibition sees Italy take on Germany. Or rather it showcases the works of 11 contemporary painters from the two countries – the press materials note, rather blandly “the deep and often conflictual […]

The “2014 Organo della Pace” concert season – in memory of the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Sant’Anna – opens this July 5th

The “2014 Organo della Pace” concert season – which is dedicated to the memory of the 70th Anniversary of the massacre in Sant’Anna di Stazzema – gets underway, next Saturday in the Church of Sant’Anna, with performances by internationally renowned organists; this year’s edition features two world-premieres. Read about the slaughter of the 12th of August, 1944, on […]

Party in Rio(magno!) this Sunday, with an evening of photography and music

LaBottega – a fine art photography gallery… and eatery, in Marina di Pietrasanta – is throwing a party together with Riomagno Foto Incontri, a local photography collective in Riomagno. The little village in the Apuan Alps above Carrara, is a very special place, on the side of the river, just north of Seravezza. The party is […]

“Fiore,” Richard Whymark’s documentary on Fiore De Henriquez premieres this Saturday the 21st of June, in Peralta

There’s a screening of Richard Whymark’s “Fiore” documentary in Peralta, this Saturday. The film, finished 10 years after the artist’s death in 2004 features interviews and commentary with and about Fiore De Henriquez, a flamboyant personality, a sculptor who settled in – and helped to lovingly restore – the little village of Peralta, in the foothills of […]

Mitoraj’s “Angeli” in the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa

“Angeli” is the title of Igor Mitoraj’s current exhibition at the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa – in a previous post we erroneously printed a photo of his “Eros bendato e sgretolato” – we have since found out is not in the exhibition. The exhibition – in honor of the 950th anniversary of the Cathedral of Pisa’s founding – features […]

“Aperitivo con l’Artista” kicks off this Thursday, the 19th with a toast – with artist Alfredo Sasso and moderator Lodovico Gierut

Summer starts with a “cin cin!” at the “Aperitivo con l’Artista” – an art drink that mixes an artist a moderator, and a lemon-slice – at the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino, this Thursday, the 19th at 7:30pm. The first round features Alfredo Sasso, the painter and sculpture, with noted local art luminary Lodovico Gierut. The picture above is of […]

20 American students visit the Garfagnana region for “Digital Stone Project”

Nine American Universities land in Garfagnana for the second edition of “Digital Stone Project” – the, yes, digital sculpture workshop which was born a year ago as partnership between Garfagnana Innovazione and Digital Stone, of Trenton, New Jersey. For a month – from June 7th to July 6th, 2014, twenty students and professionals who hail […]

“Tra di noi” – six female photographers look at the feminine “among us”

“Tra di noi” (Among Us) – six female photographers examine womanhood, through portraits and intimate images of femininity, at a photography exhibition in the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta, starting tomorrow, May 31st. The photographers are: Silvia Amodio, Cettina Calabrò, Laura Garfagnini, Francesca Giannelli, Eleonora Guerri and Miriam Marlia. The opening reception is Saturday, the 31st of May, 2014, at […]

“I Libri Invadono la Città, 2014” Books invade the City of Art

“I Libri invadono la città” returns to the City of Art, this weekend – the 24th and 25th of May, 2014. Starting at 4pm the volunteer readers will read for all interested listeners in the streets and exhibition spaces of Pietrasanta. And the event is looking for volunteer readers! On Saturday the 24th the event […]

Danger: Landslide! Stefano Pierotti’s new art provocation in Rome

Over the weekend several warning signs appeared in Rome warning of Italy’s imminent disintegration into ruin… all thanks to the PD Party – the center… well, center-center political party of Matteo Renzi. Stefano Pierotti, Pietrasanta-based artist already took to the street-signs with his “SC(ogli)HETTINO” sign taking a pot-shot at the Concordia disaster in the last months. […]

Benvenuto Saba exhibits “Natura Portante” at the Museo Ugo Guidi

The Florentce-based photographer Benvenuto Saba exhibits “Natura Portante” a series of photographs concurrently with the exhibition “Ritratti di questo e dell’altro mondo”. The photographer has a long association with Pietrasanta and its art life. Visit the photographer’s website, linked here.  Benvenuto Saba “Natura Portante” May 18th, 2014 MUG – Museo Ugo Guidi / Logos Hotel via […]

“Art is Life!” ______________ a list of our top posts from yesterday

We post a post about posts, our top posts for yesterday, to be precise, … a meta-post of posts recently read, of sorts. The list gives you – and us – an idea what folks are reading ’round these parts. We invite you dear reader to tell us your thoughts regarding this here blog, to […]

Iconoclasmism ____________ Artist deliberately smashes one of Ai Weiwei’s painted Han Dynasty Urns in protest – the upshot: turns out the iconoclast is a fan of Ai Weiwei and was unaware of the actual value … – the damages: $1,000.000

Miami-based artist Maximo Caminero, walked in the Pérez Art Museum in Miami and picked up one of the Han Dynasty Urns … painted by Ai Weiwei, and threw it on the ground. It appears that Caminero was protesting the Museum’s preference of international artists over local artists in its schedule of exhibitions – a timeless […]