Mark Wallinger – Ecce Homo (1999)

Like the inexorable swings of a pendulum – or more like the mood swings of the manically depressed – the art world goes from abstraction to the figurative – the passions of one generation become the taboos of the next. The interest of the art market, much more than those of individual artists, determine what’s “in” at any given time. Since Kandinsky put point and line to plane, there have always been artists who have continued to work figuratively, and many do, even during these heady days of conceptualism-ism.

The Hayward Gallery at the Southbank Centre in London hosts “The Human Factor: The Figure in Contemporary Sculpture” a show examining the figure in … well, contemporary sculpture, and showcases the work of 25 international artists who have, sometimes controversially, wrestled with new ways of portraying the human figure.

The wonderful and informative art blog “Artdone” (they tirelessly cover the comings and goings in galleries and museums the world over) showcases a gallery of some of the sculptures on exhibit. We repost some in this blog, because we are interested in the tension between figuration and abstraction, and the quest for harmony and beauty in the age of sycophantic Auctioneering.

The show continues until the 7th of September, 2014.
We direct you to the Hayward Gallery webpage for the exhibition, linked here.

maurizio-cattelan-now-2004Maurizio Cattelan – Now (2004)


Thomas Hirschhorn – Resistance Subjecter (2011)


Pawel Althamer – Monika and Pawel (2002) Tate London


Georg Herold – My Sweet Lord (2009)

Katharina Fritsch Cook and 6th Photo Black Forest House (2006-08)

We post a few more photos from the exhibition, after the jump.
You can see more on the Artdone blog, linked here.

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Dora Bendixen paints family and friends with a loving brushstroke; she sets her gaze on life at the beach, and those lazy Summer days typical of life in the Versilia area of Tuscany – the result is a series of paintings titled “Versilian Blue.” These canvases – their seemingly simple compositions, and muted colors – vibrate with a joy and a sensitivity to people few contemporary painters achieve.

Visit the artists’s website, linked here.



Dora Bendixen
“Versilian Blue”
Until the 15th of September, 2014
DoveDesign Gallery
Piazza Stazione 11/a
For more info, call (+39) 347 9373726

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“Hombres” – Dora Bendixen, Pietrasanta based artist shows the shadows and the light of Family, in Pescia, this Saturday

Dora Bendixen, Pietrasanta based artist exhibits her intimate and loving “Family” paintings in Bagni di Lucca

Dora Bendixen, Pietrasanta-based painter and sculptor exhibits new work at 8,75 artecontemporanea in Reggio Emilia



We direct to the version of “Persepolis” dubbed in Italian, linked here.



Davide Foschi, Aurora Manfredi, painters and Piero Celli, photographer exhibit “Verso il Rinascimento” – new work in Lucca, as part of “Settembre Lucchese.”

The artists propose a Manifesto for Metatheism, … the opening paragraph of which states: “We want to sing the divine essence of man, shining a light on his awareness with intuition. Our weapons are the arts, strategy and inspiration, our energy is love for the spiritual in us.” You can read the rest (in Italian) linked here. (There’s an option to have googletranslate do a “translation” for you on the page… )

The Mayor of Lucca and the art critics Giorgio Grasso and Giammarco Puntelli will participate at the opening, during which the book “Alta Vita” (High Life) by Alejandra and Loreta Siderman will be presented.

The opening is Friday, the 5h of September, 2014, at 6:30pm.

Visit David Foschi’s website, linked here.

Visit Aurora Manfredi’s website, linked here.

Visit Piero Celli’s website, linked here.



Davide Foschi, Aurora Manfredi, Piero Celli
“Verso il Rinascimento”
From the 3rd to the 10th of September, 2014
Villa Bottini,


Tonight’s concert by Lorenzo Marzona wraps up this year’s Organ of Peace Festival, in Sant’Anna di Stazzema.

The concert starts at 6pm, and is free and open to the public.

Lorenzo Marzona is the organist of the Church of Spilimbergo – we link to a webpage for details, here. His performance tonight is in honor of his uncle Giancarlo Marzona.

We post a performance by Marzona, on another organ… it’s a Toccata and Fugue by Albert Patron from “The Temple’s Seeds.”


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Press Play: “J. S. Bach – Concerto in C ‘Grosso Mogul’ BWV 594″  Lorenzo Ghielmi will perform for the “Organo della Pace” Festival, in Sant’Anna, Sunday the 17th of August

World Premiere: “Tre canti delle Pietre di Stazzema” for organ and sax, by Stefano Teani at the Organo della Pace Festival, in Sant’Anna

The “2014 Organo della Pace” concert season – in memory of the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Sant’Anna – opens this July 5th

Matteo Venturini and Max Westermann perform for the Organ of Peace Festival in Sant’Anna this Sunday

This April 25th marks Italy’s “Liberation Day” – and the Comuni of Versilia commemorate together in Sant’Anna with remembrances and a song by Fabio Concato

Luca Scandali’s performance closes the “Organo della Pace” Festival in Sant’Anna this Sunday the 26th of August at 6pm

Wladimir Matesic plays the organ in Sant’Anna – Sunday August 5th at 6pm

Angelo Castaldo, Neapolitan organist plays the “Organo della Pace” in Sant’Anna this Sunday, July 15th at 6pm

Edoardo Bellotti plays in Sant’Anna for the “Organo della Pace” Stagione Concertistica 2012,” tonight, July 8th at 6pm

Liuwe Tamminga, Dutch organist opens the fifth edition of Sant’Anna’s “Organo della Pace” this Sunday, July 1st

We ♥ the King of Instruments … can’t you tell?



“The City and the Water” is a workshop scheduled to happen in Pietrasanta from the 3rd to the 14th of September. Architects, artists, local artisans will participate, with events at the CAV, and at the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino. An exhibition of the various projects will take place from the 14th to the 21st of September, 2014.

The workshop sets out to explore the urban spaces of the coastline of Pietrasanta, a coast rich in environmental and economic potential, but mired in structural frailties. The workshop will explore innovative projects and different economies of scale, from the landscape, tolocal  architecture, to design and the arts; it will use as starting point the cultural and environmental identity of the Apuo-Versilian territory, home to Pietrasanta and the marble quarries of Carrara.

The workshop is betting on the collaboration between the internationally-known guests and the local figures. The workshop director is Prof. Roberto Pierini, president of the Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Edile Architettura dell’Università di Pisa. The Scientific Director is João Nunes, noted architect, and founder of Studio Proap, in Lisbon.The workshop will feature the docents: Adolfo Natalini, architect and teacher at the Facoltà di Architettura in Florence, and Alessandra Capanna, architect and docent at the Facoltà di Architettura of the La Sapienza in Rome. The participating artists are: Loris Cecchini, born in Milan, but working in Berlin – his works in photography, painting and sculpture, aim to transfigure “the real.” Pinuccio Sciola, Sardinian sculptor, famous for his Pietre Sonore (Musical Stones) whose work deals with the intrinsic qualities of stone, will also be present.

The workshop will feature events open to the public; these will take the form of conferences which will take place at the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino:

Thursday, the 4th of September, at 6pm:
João Nunes
“The Project’s Methodological Approach”

Sunday the 7th of September, at 11am:
Adolfo Natalini
“Architecture and Water”

Sunday, the 14th of September, at 10:30am
Exhibition opening reception and presentation of the projects

The exhibition will remain open – and free to the public – from the 14th to the 21st of September, 2014.

Visit the CAV (Pietrasanta’s Centro Arti Visive’s) website, for details, linked here.

The workshop is produced by the Università di Pisa, Pietrasanta’s CAV (the Centro Arti Visive) and the Comune di Pietrasanta.

We print the workshop program for details of events and locations:


We direct you to the workshop’s fb page – for latest developments and additional info – linked here.


“Symbiopsychotaxiplasm is a 1968 experimental docu-drama film written, directed, and conceived by African-American film director and documentarian William Greaves. The film, which is shot and presented in the style of acinéma vérité documentary, attempts to capture and examine pure reality unhindered by the presence of the cameras all around. It is perhaps most memorable for the layers of metatextual storytelling inherent in the concept of the story: that of a documentary inside a documentary inside a documentary….”

-  From Wikipedia… read the rest of the article, linked here.

Visit William Greaves website, linked here.
The webpage on the site, where one can order this – or other William Greaves productions, is linked here.



The photograph is from Daniele Saisi’s blog, linked here.

To see more of Daniele Saisi’s photos, visit his picasa page, linked here.



The sounds of hammer and chisel will echo in Carrara’s city center, starting this Friday, the 29th of August – and, continuing for 10 days, 10 artists will participate in the 2nd Annual “Symposium of Sculpture Made by Hand” in Piazza del Duomo, in Carrara.  The sculptors will tackle the marble blocks by hand, without the aid of machine-tools.

The participating sculptors are: Miriam Elettra Vaccari (Italy), Stefanie Krome (Germany), Sarah Atzeni (Italy),  Kaspar Ludwig (Germany), Patty Foks (Germany), Christian Ibanes (France), Silvia Scaringella (Italy), Patrick Neumann( Germany), Daniele Brochetelli (Italy), Andrea Lugarini (Italy).

Marco Bombarda a “Mortalaio” and Magnan, a tool forger will present works during the event. The event is organized by Romeo Buffoni, and is sponsored by the “Artisti del Borgo” Cultural Association, and the Galleria del Duomo, in Carrara.

The sculpting will take place everyday in Carrara’s main Piazza, until September 6th, when this year’s artworks will be presented to the public.

The photo above is from Iam Mia Mai’s post on the event’s fb page, linked here.


“Would you like a marble paper-weight but you don’t have the money to buy it? Here’s the event you’ve been waiting for: for a few pennies you can give yourself a charming souvenir of the quarries.” This was the slogan of “Marble Wrecks, the Apuan Alps at Auction” – the mock auction organized earlier this month in Carrara.

The joke auction was more than a little provocative; toothpaste, adhesives, decorative accessories, cosmetic products and more products containing calcium carbonate – marble in powder form – went to the gavel, in the day-long event organized by a group of environmentalists from Carrara. They pledge to stage the event next year as well.

Visit the event’s fb page, to see more of the items up for auction, linked here.

Previously on Art is Life:

>> Reposting: “Carrara the Quarries” a short film about the marble trucks bringing the blocks down to the valley

The Marble Quarry Wars ____________ The environmentalists take on the art critic Philippe Daverio for his strong defense of the quarries

The Marble Quarry Wars ____________ The art critic Philippe Daverio on the marble quarries: “Enough with paleolithic ideas, the Apuan Alps are beautiful because of the intervention of man”

The Marble Quarry Wars ____________ Local hiking club trail signage destroyed

The Quarry Controversy: Tuscany passes a compromise plan on the management of marble quarries within the Apuan Alps Natural Park – and no one is happy; scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday the 1st of July: a complete shutdown of the industry… and a “March on Florence”

24 hours to “Stop the Destruction of the Apuan Alps”

“In the quarry of Michelangelo, it’s war between environmentalists and quarrymen” The Italian daily ‘La Stampa’ follows the ongoing controversy over the marble quarries in the Apuan Alps

Marble Quarry Closures – The seven mayors of the Versilia stand united against Tuscany

48 marble quarries at risk of being shut down as part of new Tuscany Region environmental plan

“L’economia alternativa nelle Apuane” conference will address alternatives to the ongoing marble quarrying, this Saturday, in Lucca

“Turning Art History into Toothpaste” The issues involving the “ongoing environmental disaster” in Carrara’s marble region are beginning to be noticed

<Reposting: “The destruction of the Apuan Alps; the greatest environmental disaster of Europe”

UPDATE: ____________ “Stop the destruction of the Apuan Alps” – Online petition gathers steam, prompts an official response

“SALVIAMO LE APUANE” Environmentalists and “escursionisti” tag Mount Pania to stop the “destruction of the Apuan Alps”

“The Plundered Alps” Der Spiegel Magazine tells of the devastation of the Apuan Alps

John Singer Sargent’s watercolors of the Marble Quarries in Carrara

“The Apennine in the light of day / Is a mighty mountain dim and gray.” B&W photos of the marble quarries in the Apuan Alps over Carrara

“Out of the Mist – the Rock Art of the Alpi Apuane” at Villa Gori

^ µ

La-luna-che-mi-seguiva-fofana-database-carraraDATABASE 2014, hosts a reading by Antonio Bertusi of “La luna che mi seguiva” a contemporary fable, written in Italian, by Aminata Fofana, as part of Con_Vivere Carrara Festival 2014 at Palazzo Forti in Carrara. The book details the adventures of a young girl, a shaman, and the moon – the fable inhabits the world “in between” – the world, according to one of the characters of the book “from which we come from, and to which we return.”

The reading happens Sunday, the 7th of September, 2014, at 7:30pm.

The event is curated by Federica Forti, and Ars Gratia Artis. To participate at the events at Palazzo Forti, you need a membership card (5 euros) which will give you access to all of the events scheduled at DATABASE CARRARA, in 2014.

Antonio Bertusi reads from:
“La luna che mi seguiva” (Published by Einaudi)
Saturday, the 7th of September, 2014, at 7:30pm
Palazzo Forti
Via Buonarroti, 1

The Con_Vivere Carrara Festival website, is linked here.
The DATABASE CARRARA website is linked here.




To listen to the album from the beginning, click on Track 1. To purchase the album, visit Preserved Sound’s bandcamp page, linked here.

(via A Closer Listen)


Enrico Bulciolu, is a well-known architect from Livorno, specializing in Bio-Architecture… but he is also an artist, and above all “a sensitive man.” He is interested in innovative solutions to architectural issues, but favors not losing touch with the past, as he believes there is no livable future possible that does not study and is aware of its traditions.

In painting, his perception of geometric spaces, volumes and depth invite the viewer into a more subjective perspective, but color animates Bulciolu’s compositions. He exhibits “Symposium,” a series of paintings at Intrecciarte Art Gallery in Pietrasanta.

The opening reception is Friday, the 5th of September, 2014, at 7:30pm.

You can see more of Bulciolu’s work on this “ArteLivorno” page, linked here.

Enrico Bulciolu
From the 1st to the 15th of September
Intrecciarte Art Gallery
Via Barsanti 50

Visit the gallery website, linked here.


The subsequent episodes of the series are linked in the playlist of this video.









“A dark optimism. L’inquieto sguardo di David Lynch (The anxious gaze of David Lynch)” is the title of an exhibition of photographs and lithographs by the American filmmaker David Lynch. The show opens tonight at Palazzo Panichi, in Pietrasanta.

“Women and machines” is a photographic series the filmmaker produced in 2013, at the Studio Idem. He has also produced over 200 lithographs at the studio – which through the last century was workspace to Picasso, Giacometti, Matisse and Cocteau. The exhibition in Pietrasanta is an Italian Premiere… its dwells in the lynchian multiverse and speaks in muffled screams of the dual theme of woman as seductress and creative force, and machine as both instrument of doing and undoing.

The opening is tonight at 7pm.

Lynch is one of the most original – and strange – filmmakers working today. That’s really a crude understatement… his films, like “Blue Velvet” and “Mulholland Drive” mix dream-logic and very dark inner states – they inhabit, or rather haunt, very peculiar spaces. Lynch started as a painter and he has continued over the years, to work in the visual arts, in painting, music, photography and lithography.

Calling Lynch multifaceted would add to our crude understatement, yet that versatility is why, we believe, the City of Pietrasanta has chosen to include this exhibit in its celebration of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo… so we’ll go along here and reluctantly agree that Lynch is a Renaissance Man – if only a Renaissance man after his … our … age.




David Lynch
“A dark optimism.” L’inquieto sguardo di David Lynch”
From the 23rd of August to the 14th of September, 2014.
Palazzo Panichi

FREE and open to the public.
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, from 7pm to midnight.

We post this “lecture” because we find it gives a glimpse into David Lynch’s … mind, and approach to art. It’s really a Q&A session, more than a lecture… Lynch shares the stage with Dr. John Hagelin, who is, among other things, president of the “David Lynch Foundation” … he is an American particle physicist and scientist who has worked at CERN, and at Stanford. He ran for president of the United States… we’ve heard him speak live, and find his ideas seemingly purposely confusing. Perhaps this makes him the ideal David Lynch Foundation President… we, however, suggest you “fast forward” to Lynch.


Pietro C. Marani and Maria Teresa Fiorio, the curators of “Leonardo 1450 – 1519 il disegno del mondo” exhibition, which will take place at next year’s Milan Expo (15th of April – 19th of July, 2015) will host a special preview showing of Leonardo’s drawings at the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta, tonight, the 21st of August, at 9pm.

The curators are experts in the field – Marani is President of the Raccolta Vinciana in Milan, member of the Commissione nazionale Vinciana, and professor of Modern Art History in Milan, and Florio is Vice-president of the Raccolta Vinciana and head of the scientific committee of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

Why Pietrasanta, you may ask… ? Well, the exhibition forsees showing works by contemporary artists, and one of Gustavo Aceves’ monumental horses – seen in the Piazza in Pietrasanta, this spring – will have a prominent showing in Milan, next year.

Special Preview Showing
“Leonardo 1450 1519 il disegno del mondo”
Thursday, the 21st of August, 2014, at 9:30pm
Chiostro di Sant’Agostino



Click on the screengrab above to see the MSNBC newscast of the event.

The Huffington Post reports that two journalists -the Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly and the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery – were arrested in a McDonalds in ferguson, MO.

The HP reports:

“The Huffington Post’s Ryan J. Reilly and the Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery were arrested Wednesday evening while covering the protests in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot by a police officer last week. The journalists were released unharmed, but their detentions highlighted the town’s ramped up police presence, which has left numerous residents injured by rubber bullets, pepper spray and tear gas during protests held every night after Brown’s death.

SWAT officers roughed up the reporters inside a McDonald’s, where both journalists were working. Reilly snapped a photo, prompting cops to request his identification.

“The officer in question, who I repeatedly later asked for his name, grabbed my things and shoved them into my bag,” said Reilly, who appeared on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” shortly after his release to recount the arrest. “He used his finger to put a pressure point on my neck.”

“They essentially acted as a military force. It was incredible,” Reilly said. “The worst part was he slammed my head against the glass purposefully on the way out of McDonald’s and then sarcastically apologized for it.””

The Washington Post released the following statement.




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Pop (art) will eat itself (con’t) … Andy Warhol eating a hamburger, 1981

Art is Life :: Painting is Loving




Painting and sculpture, are united in an ancestral dialogue. Simona Pesetti hosts “Instinctum,” a second group show with works by six contemporary artists, in the exhibition space located at her family-run marble laboratory.

The artists are: Robin Bell, Alice Simi, Angelo Fiorentini, Libero Balderi, Anna Cirillo, and Federico Baratta.

The opening reception is tonight, the 13th of August, 2014, at 6:30pm.

The reception is produced in conjunction with the local Enoteca Marcucci, a wine-shop/restaurant in Pietrasanta, known for its good wines – and interest in art.

Robin Bell, Alice Simi, Angelo Fiorentini, Libero Balderi, Anna Cirillo, and Federico Baratta.
From the 13th of August, 2014.
Via I Maggio, 8
For more information, call: (+39) 329 6705340

Hours: everyday from 10:30am to 1pm and from 6pm to midnight.

<p><a href=”″>Hemera</a&gt; from <a href=””>tara laguna divilly</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

We post six pieces from sculptor Tara Divilly – mysterious, challenging, beautiful and unyieldingly soulful. The first one is: Hemera… the other 5 follow after the “jump.”

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To hear the full album, click on the first song in the playlist.
You can purchase the album on the bandcamp page, linked here.

(Thanks Tara!)



Female body parts are served on platters in Cinzia Rossi’s “Il Pranzo é servito,” (Lunch is Served) and it’s one of 100 works on display in the streets, cellars, alleys and piazzas of Torano, a little village near Carrara. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to Surrealism and Frida Kahlo on the 50th anniversary of her death.

Cinzia Rossi’s work raises questions – and has raised some eyebrows – putting a spotlight on the issue of the treatment of women in the media. 25 other artists have taken part in Torano Notte e Giorno, in Carrara; the exhibition, curated by Emma Castè and Luciano Massari, ends tomorrow, the 13th of August, 2014.

The artists participating are: Michele Monfroni, Sandro del Pistoia, Paolo Franzoso, Giovanni Salvaro, Cinzia Rossi, Ilaria Bertagnini, Massimo Vanelli, Marco Ambrosini, Giulio Rossi, Daniele Guidugli, 4tuesday, Leardo Sciacoviello, Maurizio Fruzzetti, Giuliano Ciardi, Stefano Lanzardo, Paolo Fiorellini, Elisa Modugno, Ezio de Angeli, Santucci Group, Eugenia Serafini, Emma Castè, Mattia Coli, Claudia Sighicelli, Francesca Bioli, Ciro Vittorio Formisano, and Andrea Pucci.

Visit Torano Notte e Giorno’s website for more information, to see more artwork on exhibit, and directions – linked here.




This Wednesday, the 13th of August at 9:30pm, Intrecciarte, the cultural association, presents another evening of art, music and poetry. “I Destini della Terra” is the title of the evening’s proceedings, and it features poetry by the noted art critic Giuseppe Cordoni, paintings by Mariano Domenici, an exponent of Arte Povera in versilia, and original guitar compositions by Roberto Magri.

The evening offers an encounter of the arts, and finds itself at the crossroads of installation, performance and recital.

The opening is the 13th of August, 2014, at 9:30pm.

Giuseppe Cordoni, “Il pane in prestito”
Mariano Domenici, “Polittico del perso paradiso”
Roberto Magri, “Miniature”
“I destini della terra”
August 13th, 2014 at 9:30pm
Intrecciarte Art Gallery
Via barsanti, 50

Visit the gallery website, linked here, for more information.


Photo by Charles De Tarr.


The horrors of war re-invent themselves generation after generation, day after day. Joseph Sheppard, an American painter and sculptor, who has worked in Pietrasanta for 30 years, exhibits “The Horrors of War” – 12 paintings, one of which is 2 meters by three, at the newly refurbished Palazzo Moroni, in Pietrasanta.

The opening is Wednesday, the 13th of August, 2014, at 6pm.

The works have never before been exhibited – Sheppard produced them in 2013; they are epic panoramas of destruction, and testament to man’s inhumanity to man. To call them beautiful paintings is not appropriate, but they are masterfully rendered. Sheppard is familiar with the story of the massacre of Sant’Anna – he lives in Valdicastello, a village just below Sant’Anna. One of the works in the show depicts the horrors of August 12th, 1944.

Joseph Sheppard, class of 1930, has worked with Pietrasanta’s marble laboratories and bronze foundries since 1984 – he received the prestigious “Pietrasanta e la Versilia nel mondo” prize, in 2008.

The Consul General of the United States, in Florence, Abigail Rup, will be present, along with Domenico Lombardi, Pietrasanta’s Mayor, at the opening on Wednesday.

Visit the artist’s website, linked here.
Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti page devoted to him, linked here.

Joseph Sheppard
“Gli Orrori della Guerra”
From the 13th of August, to the 7th of September, 2014
Palazzo Moroni
Piazza del Duomo, (next to the belltower)

Hours: Tuesday through Sunday: 6pm to 8pm, and 10pm to midnight.
FREE and open to the public..


300 people, adults and children participated in a “flash mob” for peace, last Friday. A giant “NO” written in chalk covered the Piazza in Pietrasanta, in front of the main church. A solemn gathering for peace – to decry the treatment of children in the ongoing war in the Middle East.

Don D’Atri, the parish priest apparently was not particularly impressed – he asked, unsuccessfully, that the assembled evacuate the church steps – as neither were several facebook friends of those who participated, and posted photos of the event on their facebook pages.

The mayor of Pietrasanta, a city known more for art than political events, was also not pleased that the city was not told of the event, although he was present; he stated that he was touched by the event and he underlined that children are sacred anywhere, not just in Gaza, “but in every war, or terrorist act where there are civilian victims.”

Some in the social network wondered why all the attention is being devoted to the current war in Gaza, and not to other conflicts underway. Children are often victims in wars, just these days 500 Yazidis, among the thousands displaced in northern Iraq, have been killed – 130 of them children.

The event sponsors have been accused of being anti-semitic… some of the participants have had their facebook friendships cancelled … and the sponsors were also fined, by law enforcement, for making a mess in a public place.

The photos above is by Patricia Franceschetti from her fb page.


On August 12th, 1944, Nazi Waffen-SS troops, aided by local Fascists, killed 560 civilians – 130 children – in the little village of Sant’Anna, in the hills above Pietrasanta in northern Tuscany, as part of their campaign against the Italian Resistance movement. The massacre is a dark moment in the already dark annals of the history of WWII.

Because of political pressure from the Italian Fascists after the war, the investigation dossiers lay in a “cabinet of shame” in Rome. It is only recently that the ramifications of the event have been discussed openly – and what happened on that dark day, have been fully examined by the Italian government. The German government has closed and then re-opened proceedings against the last surviving soldiers who participated to the massacre.

Tuesday, the 12th of August, 2014, marks the 70th anniversary of the dread deed, and the little village in the Apuan Alps plans events to commemorate the massacre. On Tuesday official celebrations of the 70th anniversary take place at the church and monument of Sant’Anna; the Mayor of Pietrasanta will be present. On Wednesday, the American painter and sculptor Joseph Sheppard’s “Orrori della Guerra” (Horrors of War) art exhibition opens in Pietrasanta. The rememberances continue on the 19th with events at San Terenzo Bardine.

Some young folk – winners of the national “Sant’Anna di Stazzema: il passato, il presente, il futuro” contest (which was produced by the Ministero dell’Istruzione, Università e Ricerca, the Comune of Stazzema, the Parco Nazionale della Pace, the Unione dei Comuni della Versilia, and Anpi and Insmli) have set up a blog, which contains documents and interviews.

The blog is called Oraioso, and we link to it here, the hashtag is #KNOWIKNOW.

We direct you to a Wikipedia article on the massacre of Sant’Anna, linked here.

There is an annual organ music festival which takes place at Sant’Anna. The 2014 “Organo della Pace” festival is taking place these weeks, we direct you to a page with previous posts … with the program, linked here.

The photo above is from the Oraioso blog.



Lorenzo Ghielmi is an Italian organist and harpsichordist. He teaches old music at the Accademia Internazionale della Musica in Milan and at the “Schola Cantorum Basiliensis” in Basel.

The video above is from Lorenzo Ghielmi’s youtube channel. The Bach Concerto will most likely not be performed…  we post the piece to showcase Mr Ghielmi’s notable skills – as the program for Sunday’s performance has not been made public. We link to Lorenzo Ghielmi’s fb page, here.

The 2014 “Organo della Pace” festival continues until the 31st of August, we direct you to a page with previous posts, linked here.

We post the complete 2014 program of concerts in Sant’Anna here:
(Concerts start at 6pm)

July 5th    Hansjörg Albrecht, organ (München)
July 6th    (at 9pm) Pietrasanta, La Versiliana, Gedenkkonzert
Orchestra Regionale della Toscana (ORT) und Münchener Bachchor, Ltg. Hansjörg Albrecht La Versiliana, Parco della Versiliana 55045 Marina di Pietrasanta (we link to the concert program, here.)
July 13th    Luca Scandali, organ, (Pesaro) with Hannes Läubin (Munich) and Max Westermann (Kassel), Trumpets.
World-premiere: “Music for a Church” – Jan Müller-Wieland (Munich)
July 20th     Gerhard Weinberger (Munich)
July 27th    Edoardo Bellotti (Mailand/Rochester USA)
August 3rd    Stefania Mettadelli, organ (Massa) with Isabella Stabio (Turin), on saxophone
World-premiere: “Three Songs for the Stones of Stazzema Stazzema“ Stefano Teani, Istituto Boccherini (Lucca)
August 10th    Emanuele Cardi (Battipaglia)
August 17th    Lorenzo Ghielmi (Mailand/ Basel)
August 24th    Pavel Kohout (Prague)
August 31st    Lorenzo Marzona (Spilimbergo): In memoriam Giancarlo Marzona



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